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The clan and site rules

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The clan and site rules

Post  Cobrajet127 on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:34 pm

These are the rules of the clan:

1. No spamming or excesive profanity

2. No disrespecting fellow members

3. No betraying in-game

4. You can NOT declare anything (including clan battes) about the clan unless given permission by the clan leader

5. You must be considered active in the clan forums and in Xbox live

6. Absolutly NO joining other clans, while in the Mercenaries

7. No cheating or hacking. We play fair...

These rules should be easy to follow. There are NO loopoles to these rules. I hope no members break these rules. If you do happen to break a rule, here is how the consequenses work...

Level 1 offense: Warning is issued. Up to two will be issued.

Level 2 offense: Member is put on probation

Level 3 offense: Member is banned for an amount of time

Level 4 offense: Member is Kicked out of the clan instantly (notification will be sent to player)

I believe the consequenses are fair. Remember the consequences before you break a rule and PLEASE remember to use common sense.
Thank you- Cobrajet127


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